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Aastra 9480i CT VoIP Phone - Nine Lines - Two Ethernet Ports (PoE) - SIP - Wireless Handset (9480i-CT) New


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Quick Overview

Aastra 9480i IP CT Phone
Includes Wireless Handset
9 Lines
2 Ethernet Ports
Power over Ethernet 802.3af
Supported Protocols: SIP

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Manufacturer Discontinued - Out of Stock

Aastra 9480i CT IP Phone

9 Lines
Includes WDCT Mobile Handset
Protocol Supported: SIP
8 Line Backlit LCD Display
XML Browser
2 Ethernet Ports (802.3af PoE Compatible)
External 48v Power Supply Included

The Aastra 9480i CT is a SIP based voice over IP telephone designed for the mobile executive. It has excellent XML software capabilities and comes with a solid hardware feature set. It includes a powerful, integrated wireless handset for excellent mobility. The base handset includes dual PoE compatible Ethernet ports & a power supply. The headset port is modular AND amplified. The LCD display is backlit and the SIP support is exceptional. This phone is actually the new Aastra 5 series guts packaged inside the traditional 480i case.

Aaastra 9480i CT Product Description

The Aastra 9480i CT (35i CT) offers advanced features, mobility and security in a standards based, carrier-grade IP screen telephone. Utilizing the very popular Aastra 480i CT design, this powerful includes an integrated WDCT cordless mobility handset for coverage up to 300,000 sq. ft.


  • . This phone supports the advanced software features and interoperability previously available only with the Aastra 5i Series products and offers an 8 line backlit display screen, 6 context sensitive softkeys, full-duplex speakerphone, group paging, support for up to 9 calls simultaneously and XML browser capability. The 9480i CT (35i CT) will appeal to those requiring mobility, advanced SIP and XML features in a traditional screen phone design.

    Part of the Aastra IP Series of telephones, the 9480i CT (35i CT) is ideally suited for executives, moderate to heavy telephone users who require more one touch feature keys, XML based programs and mobile warehouse, support and retail staff.

    Aastra 9480i CT Key Features and Benefits

  • Mobility
              o Employing secure WDCT cordless technology, the 9480i CT (35i CT) expands VoIP beyond the desktop without the need for a separate wireless network. Increases flexibility and efficiency for those not tied to a desk.
  • XML Browser
              o The 9480i CT (35i CT) is equipped with XML browser capabilities and an extra large display with dynamic softkeys to easily access customized services and applications. Create internal service applications using development guides available from Aastra. This feature provides unlimited potential to customize the 9480i CT (35i CT) to meet your specific business needs or vertical applications using the display and keypad.
  • Enhanced Call Management
              o With extensive storage capacity for personal directories, callers logs and redial lists and 6 dynamic softkeys, the Aastra 9480i (35i) can improve efficiency by providing more call information with the push of a button. Features such as shared call and bridged line appearances, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, group paging, intercom and local 3-way conference increase call flexibility and control.
  • Remarkable Audio
              o All Aastra IP telephones offer full-duplex speakerphone with excellent voice clarity and delivery. With years of experience in telecommunications and telephone design, Aastra can ensure superior voice quality on every product we sell.
  • Simplified Deployment
              o From initial deployment and configuration to future enhancements and upgrades, the Aastra family of IP telephones are designed to save your business time and money. Dual auto-sensing switched Ethernet ports eliminate additional wiring and simplify installations. Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet allows easy deployment with centralized powering and backup. Easily created configuration files, using any text editor, can be used to configure phones individually or centrally.

    Aastra 9480i CT Feature Highlights

  • Multi-proxy support   
  • Distinctive ringing, priority alerting   
  • XML browser   
  • Personal directory   
  • Call forward/Call transfer/Call waiting   
  • Call timer   
  • Caller and calling line information   
  • Callers log   
  • Local 3-way Conference   
  • Intercom with auto-answer   
  • Paging and auto-answer capabilities   
  • Redial list   
  • Do Not Disturb   
  • Live dial pad support   
  • Missed Call Notification   
  • One-touch call transfer and call park   
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)   
  • Shared call and bridged line appearances   
  • Broadsofts BroadWorks Enhanced SIP supports Shared Call Appearances, CommPilot Call Manager, Call Park/Pickup, Priority Alerting   
  • Sylantros SIP- supports Bridged Line appearances (BLA), ComCierge, Call Park/Pickup, Conference, SIP-B, and others   
  • One handset included with 9480i CT; expandable up to 4 handsets   
  • 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopped Spread Spectrum (FHSS) WDCT technology   
  • Coverage up to 300,0001 sq. feet   
  • Vibration alerter   
  • Headset support

    Aastra 9480i CT Feature Keys

  • 9480i CT Base
              o Up to 9 lines with call appearances
              o 4 line/call appearance buttons with LEDs
              o 4 navigational keys
              o 6 customizable softkeys; programmable up to 18 functions.
              o 8 predefined hard keys for most common call handling functions including Call Transfer, Conference, Intercom, Hold, Redial, Mute
  • 9480i CT Cordless Handset
              o 2 context-sensitive softkeys
              o 8 predefined hard keys Goodbye, Hold, Mute, Redial, Function, Menu, 2 volume keys
              o Programmable function key supports up to 20 functions for tight integration to the 9480i CT base features

    Aastra 9480i CT Audio and Codecs

  • Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset   
  • Full-duplex quality speakerphone   
  • Independent volume setting for handset/speaker/headset   
  • Echo cancellation   
  • Comfort noise   
  • Packet loss concealment   
  • G.711 μ-law / A-law   
  • G.729   
  • Modular Headset Connector with built-in amplifier   
  • Non-amplified business headsets recommended

    Aastra 9480i CT Display and Indicator
  • 9480i CT Base
              o 3.5 x 2.25, 8 lines x 20 characters, backlit LCD display
              o LED for call and message waiting indication
  • 9480i CT Cordless Handset
              o Large 5 lines backlit LCD display

    Aastra 9480i CT Localization

  • Multi-lingual support English, French, Spanish, Italian, German   
  • Downloadable language pack support for customization and additional language translations   
  • Country-specific call progress tones and cadences

    Aastra 9480i CT Security and XML API Capabilities
  • User and administrator level passwords for login   
  • Encryption of configuration files   
  • HTTPS configuration download and web management   
  • Phone lock with PIN   
  • Digest Authentication   
  • Transport layer Security (TLS)   
  • Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)   
  • Display control based on user actions or on events   
  • Dynamic Phone Configuration   
  • RTP Streaming control   
  • CTI applications   
  • See XML API Documentation for more details

    Aastra 9480i CT Protocols

  • IETF SIP (RFC3261) and associated RFCs

    Aastra 9480i CT Networking and Provisioning

  • Dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports   
  • Manual or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) IP address setup   
  • Support of DHCP options 66, 60 & 43   
  • Time and date synchronization using SNTP   
  • Quality of Service (QOS) support IEEE 802.1 p/Q VLAN and priority tagging, Type of Services (TOS), and Differentiated Services Code Point   
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) support   
  • Integrated HTTP/HTTPS server for web administration and maintenance including a built-in troubleshooting section   
  • Mass deployment via central provisioning of user configuration files TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS   
  • Redundant server support
              o DNS-SRV
              o Local backup registrar and/or proxy server
  • RTCP support (RFC1889)   
  • RTP streaming for Paging and Intercom applications   
  • IEEE 802.1x protocol support

    Aastra 9480i CT Physical Aspects

  • 9480i CT Base
              o 24.9 cm W x 14.7 cm D x 11.5cm H (9.8W x 5.8D x 4.5H)
              o 850 g (30.0 oz.)
              o 2 position desk stand
              o Wall mountable
  • 9480i CT Cordless Handset
              o 13.7 cm L x 4.6 cm W x 1.9cm H (5.4L x 1.8W x 0.8H)
              o 133 g (4.7 oz.)

    Aastra 9480i CT Power and Package Contents

  • 9480i CT Base
              o Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support
              o AC Adapter (48v DC) included
              o 9480i CT Base
              o Handset Coil Cord
              o Desk Stand
              o Installation Guide
              o Ethernet Cable
  • 9480i CT Cordless Handset
              o AC Adapter for charging stand
              o Nickel Metal Hydride battery - 4 day standby time, 4 hour talktime
              o Aastra CT Cordless Handset
              o Belt clip and battery
              o Charging stand with AC adapter


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