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Bogen Line Input / Line Output Matching Transformer (WMT-1A) New Open Box


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Bogen Line Input / Line Output Matching Transformer

New Open Box

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Bogen Line Input / Line Output Matching Transformer (WMT-1A)



The Bogen WMT1A Line Input/Line Output Matching Transformer is designed to match either a high-impedance input, or output of an amplifier, to a 500/600- ohm line. It may be used to connect telephone systems to most amplifiers, or for distributing background music that is transmitted over leased telephone lines. The unit also functions as an output-matching transformer to feed program material over a 500/600-ohm telephone line for transmission to a local broadcast studio. The WMT1A provides an impedance match between the 500/600-ohm balanced line and the high-impedance (auxiliary) input of the amplifier, or the 25-volt output of the amplifier. The 500/600-ohm line input or output connections are made to a screw terminal strip. Connection to the amplifier is provided by a shielded cable terminated in an RCA phono plug. Mounting flanges are provided to mount the WMT1A to the amplifier chassis or backboard. No wiring or soldering is required for making connections in most cases. A jumper is easily re-positioned when connecting the WMT1A high-impedance output to the MIC input of the amplifier.



  • Hi-Z, 10k-ohm primary impedance
  • Lo-Z, 600-ohm secondary impedance, balanced with center tap
  • Matches high-to-low impedance or low-to-high impedance
  • Adapts line-level signals to microphone inputs
  • RCA connector for Hi-Z side
  • Screw terminals for Lo-Z side
  • Small steel enclosure with mounting ears allows easy mounting
  • No wiring or soldering required
  • May be used to provide a 600-ohm output from a Bogen mixer/pre-amplifier

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