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EnGenius Wireless N300 IoT Media Bridge/AP with Built-in 5-Port Gigabit Switch (ETA1305) New


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EnGenius Wireless N300 IoT Media Bridge/AP with built-in 5-Port Gigabit Switch


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EnGenius Wireless N300 IoT Media Bridge/AP with built-in 5-Port Gigabit Switch (ETA1305)



For off-the-wall wireless performance and off-the-floor installations, the ETA1305 is a uniquely designed wireless product that can enhance a family’s entertainment experience or the productivity of a small office within an Internet of Things Solution. As part of the EnGenius Fusion Series Solution of Routers, Lifestyle apps, and IP Cameras specifically designed for home and small business, the ETA1305 is a Wireless N300 IoT Media Bridge/Access Point with built-in 5-Port Gigabit Switch which can be used to connect home entertainment devices in a game room, basement, or children’s playroom located in another part of the home away from the family’s existing wireless router; or to connect Ethernet-enabled peripherals like multi-function office printer, networked attached storage, or set top boxes to a small office’s router.




For faster connectivity, the ETA1305 enables users to transfer files and stream media at Wireless N300 speeds. Depending on whether users want to connect Blu-ray® players, set top boxes, stream HD Video, play the latest console games, or gain coverage in hard-to-connect areas around the home, the ETA1305 includes two (2) operation modes. When set to Client Bridge mode, Ethernet-enabled devices can join a home’s existing wireless network when they are connected to the Gigabit Ethernet ports on the device. In Access Point mode, the ETA1305 can extend the overall range and coverage of a home or small office’s existing wireless network.




The ETA1305 can be placed virtually anywhere and hidden from view behind home entertainment devices or office equipment connected to it with its integrated power module design. For better off-the-floor Ethernet cable management, the ETA1305 even has a magnetized back panel for attaching to metal furniture or fixtures, enabling it to be placed practically anywhere.




For preventing unauthorized access to an existing wireless network, the ETA1305 supports several security features and settings including industry-standard WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. For easy and secure setup to the network, the WPS button can be used to get devices connected quickly without the hassle of initially configuring the ETA1305.




  • Stream Media and transfers files at up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz frequency band
  • Instantly upgrades a wired network to a wireless N300 network
  • Gigabit Ethernet speed for optimal data throughput and enhance media streaming
  • Connects up to five (5) Ethernet-enabled entertainment or office devices for home entertainment centers and offices
  • Two (2) Operation Modes for flexible deployment scenarios: Client Bridge & Access Point
  • Includes an integrated power module design; no separate power adapter needed
  • Connect and configure quickly with easy-to-use Setup Wizard
  • Stream and surf securely with industry-standard wireless security settings

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