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EnGenius EPG600 IoT Gateway with High Performance Wi-Fi and Phone Ports (EPG600) New


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EnGenius Dual Band Personal Cloud IoT Gateway (EPG5000) New EnGenius Dual Band Personal Cloud IoT Gateway (EPG5000) New

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EnGenius EPG600 IoT Gateway with High Performance Wi-Fi and Phone Ports


Condition:  New

EnGenius EPG600 IoT Gateway with High Performance Wi-Fi and Phone Ports (EPG600)



The EPG600, a Dual Band IoT Gateway with high performance Wireless N, Gigabit Ports, a USB Port, and Phone Ports. The EPG600 is part of the EnGenius Personal Cloud IoT (Internet of Things) Solution and provides a unique cost-saving communication platform for small business needs by featuring wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. When used with the free EnGenius EnTalk™ app for iPhone® or Android™ smartphones, small businesses and even families can save on international and long-distance calls whenever they have access to the Internet. The EPG600 is also a media-sharing platform offering robust streaming to computers, tablets and entertainment devices.

How the EPG600 works: Saves on long-distance and international calls by attaching a PSTN line to the gateway’s telephone port and after associating up to ten (10) smartphones to the gateway using the free EnGenius EnTalk app, small business users or families and friends can make calls through their local line or directly via the Internet for conducting long-distance and international calls. A telephone port on back of the EPG600 also enables connectivity to a standard phone or a DECT phone base station.

Once smartphones are registered to the EPG600, calls can be initiated and conducted directly from the EnTalk app bypassing the EPG600 owner’s local telephony service account altogether. For small businesses with employees or colleagues around the globe or for families with relatives in their home country, the EPG600 and EnTalk app is a significant cost saving solution.

Save on Long-Distance & International Calling
• Stay connected with your family, friends or business colleagues without incurring the high cost of long-distance or international calling.
• The EnTalk app reroutes phone calls over the Internet to your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone
• EnTalk allows you to minimize roaming charges from telco providers when using your smartphone in other countries. EnTalk when used with the EnGenius Personal Cloud EPG600 IoT Gateway with Phone Ports, considers long-distance, out-of-country or international calls as local calls for tremendous cost-savings to you.
• Ideal for frequent travelers and international businesses that need to connect to overseas factories, international clients, and more.

One-Click Registration
• The EnTalk App can be registered to an EnGenius EPG600 IoT Gateway with Phone Ports by pressing the EPG600’s “Reg” button (located on the back of the Gateway) while selecting the “Auto Registration” option in the EnTalk app.

Great Voice Quality
• The EnTalk app delivers phenomenal voice quality, almost as though your calling party is in the next room instead of on the other side of the planet.

Text Messaging
• Conduct free online text messaging with family, friends and colleagues – no subscription requirement or limitations on the number of message sent.

Never Miss A Call
• Use EnTalk app with the EnGenius EPG600 IoT Gateway by attaching a PTSN line to the Gateway’s phone port (FXO) and turning EnTalk-registered smartphones into cordless extensions so that you, your family or business associates never miss a call when you’re away from home or office. Supports up to 10 users.

Designate An Operator
• EnTalk allows you to designate one or several of your EnTalk-registered colleagues to be an “operator” who will take all in-coming calls.

Easily Transfer Calls
• EnTalk lets you transfer calls to any one of your EnTalk-registered family members or colleagues.

See Who’s Calling
• EnTalk when used in conjunction with a Caller ID-enable PSTN account and the caller’s Caller ID-enabled phone will display who is calling, so you can choose whether to accept the call.

Save Even More
• EnTalk when used with the EPG600 lets you disconnect your cordless phone base station and push all your calls over the Internet for greater cost savings.

A Robust, Reliable Dual Band Wireless Gateway
The EPG600 has a Gigabit WAN port for faster upload and download speeds to and from a small business’ ISP (Internet Service Provider), as well as a built-in 4-Port Gigabit switch.

The EPG600 supports several robust security features and settings, including industry-standard wireless encryption such as WPA/WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access) to prevent unauthorized access to the home or office network; an advanced SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall to block malicious software from the Internet from accessing networked devices; MAC Address filtering to grant only known computers and devices to network access; and URL filtering to block access of unwanted or offensive websites.

Users can also enable up to two (2) Guest Networks so friends or visitors can access the Internet gain access to specific devices like networked printers while protecting other networked computers or hard drives in the office or home that may contain private information.

This EPG600 also employs Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize bandwidth-intensive applications like video and gaming or bandwidth sensitive applications like VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone calls for optimal connectivity whether over wired or wireless connections.

Other Free Downloadable Personal Cloud IoT Mobile Apps
As part of the EnGenius Personal Cloud IoT Solution, EnGenius IoT mobile apps are designed to make your small business or your family more secure; the way you communicate effortless and less costly; your music, photos, video and documents safer and quicker to store and retrieve; and your day-to-day life more efficient — so you have greater peace of mind. EnGenius Lifestyles apps are available as free downloads for iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ smartphones and tablets on the Apple® Store or Google Play™ store.

This gateway also includes a USB port for attaching a storage device and sharing media content in the office, home or away from the office or home to and from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and laptop computers.

The EnRoute app allows administrators to keep track of the location of business colleagues or family members who belong to a registered account on a device such as a smartphone or tablet. Features such as GPS tracking, location sharing, and parental controls allows for easier management of devices and users. Never lose track of friends or family again.

With the EnViewer app, users can view multiple live video feeds from connected EnGenius IP Cameras (sold separately) and receive alert messages when triggered by the camera’s motion-detection feature straight to users’ iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones and tablets to stay synced with family or personnel.w


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