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Plantronics Wireless Headset Lifter Arm Bracket New
Required for Polycom / HL10 Compatibility (76141-01)

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Plantronics Polycom Bracket
Handset Lifter Arm for Polycom IP Phones
Required for Polycom + HL10 Compatibility

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Condition: New

Plantronics Polycom Bracket
for Wireless Headset Handset Lifters 76141-01

Product Description

Polycom makes some of the best VoIP phones on the market. But if you want to use them with the popular Plantronics wireless headsets such as CS50, CS55, CS70, CS70N, 510S or CS361N models bundled with the HL10 handset lifter, you have a problem. The problem is with the ergonomics of the Polycom SoundPoint VoIP phones. The shape of the phone base is such that the handset will fall entirely off the phone making it impossible for the lifter to reset the handset to hang up the call. 

That is where the Plantronics Polycom Bracket comes in. This plastic bracket is designed to form to the base of the phone with double sided sticky tape. When the HL10 lifts the handset off the hook, it will now fall into the seat of this bracket and be held into place.

Known Compatible IP Phones:

Polycom IP 300
Polycom IP 301
Polycom IP 320
Polycom IP 330
Polycom IP 430
Polycom IP 450
Polycom IP 500
Polycom IP 501
Polycom IP 550
Polycom IP 560
Polycom IP 600
Polycom IP 601
Polycom IP 650
Polycom IP 670

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