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Digium TDM430B - 3 FXS (Green) Modules - No Echo Can (TDM430B) New


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Quick Overview

Digium TDM430B
3 FXS Ports
No Hardware Echo Cancellation

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Condition: New

Digium TDM430B
Supported Protocols: SIP, IAX, H.323
Ports: 3 FXS
Interface: PCI
Does Not Include Echo Cancellation

TDM430B Product Description

The Digium TDM430B includes three FXS interface modules bundled with the TDM410 base card. The TDM430B bundle can be used with the Asterisk PBX software to deploy a powerful VoIP solution for business and personal use.

What are FXO and FXS Ports?

Analog telephone line connection - 1 call per port
FXS: Analog telephone or fax machine connection - 1 device per port

*Digium released the TDM410 series analog interface cards in 2008 to replace the TDM400P series. The TDM410 series includes optional hardware echo cancellation and the TDM400P did not.

TDM410 Base Card Description

Using an industry-standard bursting, bus-mastering interface chip that is found within millions of PC systems worldwide, and Digium VoiceBus technology, the TDM410 eliminates the requirement for external gateways, with industry-leading performance and price. The trunk and station modules are interchangeable, allowing the creation of any combination of interfaces. The optional hardware echo cancellation module provides 1024 taps (128 milliseconds) of echo cancellation for superior voice quality on both trunk and station interfaces. Scaling of this solution is accomplished by adding additional TDM410 or other Digium analog interface cards.

The naming convention for the TDM bundles is as follows: TDM X Y B/E. Where "TDM" denotes that the card is in the TDM series, "X" denotes the number of FXS modules and "Y" denotes the number of FXO modules. If the model number includes a "B" indicates that that this product is a bundle and if it includes an "E" it indicates that it is a bundle with echo cancellation.


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