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Digium TDM810E - 1 FXS Port - Includes Echo Cancellation (TDM810E) New


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Digium TDM810E
1 FXS Port
Includes Hardware Echo Cancellation

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Condition: New

Digium Wildcard TDM810E
Ports: 1 FXS
Asterisk Compatible
Includes Hardware Echo Cancellation

TDM810E Product Description

The Digium TDM810E is a TDM800P base card with (1) S110M single FXS module and the VPMADT032 hardware echo cancellation module installed.

The TDM800P contains two module banks. Each bank supports up to four analog interfaces. The module banks may be filled either with one standard Digium quad analog module (FXS - S400M, FXO - X400M), or up to two standard Digium single analog modules (FXS- S110M, FXO - X100M) enabling the creation of any combination of ports.

What are FXO and FXS Ports?

Analog telephone line connection - 1 call per port
FXS: Analog telephone or fax machine connection - 1 device per port

What is hardware echo cancellation?

Hardware echo cancellation is the most effective way to remove echo from a line. Digium's VPMADT032 hardware echo cancellation module is the most powerful to date and future Digium card models will likely be compatible with this model. Digium designed the new VPMADT032 to offers industrial strength 128ms(1024 taps) per-channel echo cancellation across all channels on the TDM card. The VPMADT032 provides toll-quality G.168 compliant echo cancellation to combat hybrid echo on the PSTN interface.

Though there are open source echo cancellation routines that are somewhat effective in eliminating this hybrid type echo, the VPMADT032 module resolves this problem in hardware, mitigating any negative effect CPU resource shortages may induce on an otherwise purely software based echo cancellation solution.

Using this card in concert with Digium's Asterisk software, standard PC hardware, and the Linux OS, you can create SME or SOHO telephony environments capable of satisfying the needs of small or medium business applications at an industry-leading price.

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