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Intelligent Recording

The leader in cost-effective true digital call recording >

Intelligent Recording is a privately held technology company located in Mission Viejo, California, USA and Worksop, United Kingdom.

We specialise in the design and development of technologies and products that connect to proprietary and ip digital PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone systems. Our wholly owned 'PBX-2-USB' technology bridges the gap between the proprietary nature of PBX digital signalling systems and the Personal Computer (PC) using USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology. This unique technology is manufactured by us in volume and is sold globally via telecoms dealers, distributors and blue chip telecom system manufacturers. Our low-cost of manufacture allows us to revolutionize key sectors of the communication systems industry.

Our technology-rich products include:

  • XtR Professional - Superior USB based digital telephone conversation recording for the same price as analog solutions!
  • SD Recorder - A stand alone call recorder using SD memory card technology.

In addition to unique product development & distribution, we also integrate our core technology into products developed by global third party partners resulting in digitally integrated products that deliver high value and easy connectivity to digital & IP based PBX systems.

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