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Matrix VFX88L VoIP-FXS Gateway - 8 Port FXS (SETU-VFX88L) New


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Matrix VFX88L VoIP-FXS Gateway - 8 Port FXS


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 Matrix VFX88L VoIP-FXS Gateway - 8 Port FXS (SETU-VFX88L)

Quick Overview

Matrix SETU VFX88L is designed to meet these requirements of converting VoIP network to traditional telephony interfaces and vice-versa. It handles all the complexities of VoIP technology internally and provides simple telephone interfaces to make and receive calls.

Let Matrix SETU VFX88L be your bridge to the new world of IP Telephony!

Matrix SETU VFX88L is a SIP Gateway with 8 FXS ports and 1 FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port. It interfaces legacy telephone devices to IP-based networks. It is specially designed for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises to offer them the advantages of low-tariff Internet Telephony for long distance and international calls. It can be used with any existing PBX providing users access to VoIP trunks. It can also be used in a stand-alone mode.

Matrix SETU VFX88L converts the voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the Internet. When a telephone number is dialed by a user, Matrix SETU VFX88L converts it into an IP call using the SIP protocol and initiates a call to the called person in any part of the globe. Using an appropriate VoIP service provider, long distance or inter-office call charges can be reduced significantly or eliminated.

Making an outgoing call is as easy as from a normal telephone. Call progress tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone are fed to the caller as per the called number status. The FXS ports can make outgoing calls on a common or nine different SIP accounts. In addition, number based SIP account selection is provided to select the most economical SIP account for a given outgoing number.

An incoming call from a SIP account can be routed to any one of the FXS ports. All different CLIP protocols are supported so that the user can identify the caller before answering the call.

Once a call is established from SIP FXS Gateway, features like Call Hold, Call Transfer and Call Forward are supported to manage two calls from the same FXS port. Call Forward in different conditions and Do Not Disturb are also provided.

The FXO (PSTN Pass-Through) port allows the user on the first FXS port to selectively dial certain numbers on the PSTN. This line can be used to make emergency or normal calls or when Internet connectivity is not required or unavailable.

Matrix SETU VFX88L can be used with any existing PBX without changing the infrastructure. PBX users can make voice calls on IP to avail themselves with the low-tariff of VoIP. The users can continue to make and receive calls without worrying on which network their calls are routed.

Matrix SETU VFX88L is easy to install and operate. It can be configured using its built-in web pages served by the internal HTTP server.

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