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Mediatrix-1632 (MEDIATRIX1632) New


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Quick Overview

Mediatrix 1632 ISDN PRI VoIP Gateway
2 ISDN (E1) PRI Ports
SIP H.323
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Condition: New

Mediatrix 1632 - E1 PRI VoIP Gateway

Ports: (2) ISDN PRI
Protocols: SIP, H.323

Key Features:

  • 30 or 60 simultaneous calls
  • One or two ISDN PRI ports
  • Transparent ISDN/QSIG tunneling
  • User programmable call handling
  • Deployable in SIP or H.323 VoIP networks
  • CLI, SNMP, Telnet and TFTP for configuration & management
  • RS-232 console port for configuration
  • Fax over IP support, including T.38
  • Multiple codec support
  • Multiple LEDs for status indication at a glance
  • Internal Universal 100240VAC power supply

The Mediatrix 1600 series E1 PRI VoIP gateways provide 30 or 60 VoIP channels to allow enterprises to lower communications costs over any IP link. The Mediatrix 1600 series units are integrated VoIP gateways with one (Mediatrix 1631) or two (Mediatrix 1632) ISDN E1 primary rate interface ports. They constitute an ideal solution for enterprise voice applications or for connecting to a service providers broadband access over DSL, WLL or cable.

Product Overview

The Mediatrix 1600 series E1 PRI VoIP gateways are intelligent gateways combining cost-effectiveness and flexibility with high functionality and performance. They provide one ISDN E1 PRI port for 30 simultaneous calls (Mediatrix 1631) or two ISDN E1 PRI ports for 60 simultaneous calls (Mediatrix 1632) from the IP network or the PSTN. The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways link any standard E1 PRI connection to the IP network, and deliver the clarity of toll-quality voice for a comprehensive VoIP solution.

The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways tunnel ISDN/QSIG call signaling messages for full-featured PBX networking over IP. T.38 FoIP, fax bypass, and modem bypass capabilities ensure that the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways seamlessly transport voice and data services. With SIP, H.323 and multiple codec support, the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways offer flexibility and scalability for VoIP network integration and low bandwidth voice. The configurable NT/TE PRI ports, call-switching and user programmable call routing based on various criteria including caller/called ID, allow the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways to integrate smoothly into existing PBX and PSTN networks.


The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways meet the requirements of medium and large enterprises that want to connect their ISDN equipment, such as ISDN PBXs, through a PRI interface to an IP network. When deployed with low-density gateways, the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways are able to provide transparent ISDN port extensions over an IP network. The remote ISDN terminals can be managed centrally and benefit from PBX services such as calling groups, least cost routing or voice mail.

The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways also support transparent ISDN & QSIG tunneling. PBXs can be networked using IP while still retaining complete functionality to private voice networking. Designed specifically for enterprise applications, the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways make use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network.


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