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EnGenius Dual-Band N900 Wireless Ruggedized Outdoor Access Point (ENH900EXT) New


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EnGenius ENH900EXT Dual-Band N900 Wireless Ruggedized Outdoor Access Point


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EnGenius ENH900EXT Dual-Band N900 Wireless Ruggedized Outdoor Access Point (ENH900EXT)



The ENH900EXT is a high-powered, long-range, Mesh-capable 3x3 Dual-Band Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Outdoor Access Point with speeds up to 450 Mbps on both its high-powered 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. It can be configured as an Access Point, Mesh, or WDS (AP, Station, & Bridge). The ENH900EXT is designed to operate in a variety of outdoor environments making its high-powered, long-range characteristics a cost-effective alternative to ordinary Access Points that don’t have the range and reach to connect to a growing number of wireless users who wish to connect to a business network.


Under the AP Mesh mode, the ENH900EXT Wireless Outdoor Access Point can be used as a central connection hub for stations or clients that support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n networks. Under this mode, the ENH900EXT can be configured with the same Mesh SSID and security password in order to associate with other ENH900EXTs as well as connect with clients under the same SSID and security encryption signatures. For example, installers can use one band to connect the ENH900EXT to the Mesh network topology and the other band to broadcast traffic over the network. Acting as a node within a web framework, each ENH900EXT only needs to connect to the nearest node using the best path to transmit data, working collaboratively with other ENH900EXTs in the network infrastructure to function.


The ENH900EXT also supports Seamless Roaming for clients authenticated to a RADIUS server. This means that employees can be constantly connected to the network – whether they are warehouse workers scanning and capturing barcode information, employees on Wi-Fi phone calls while walking to meetings on another part of a corporate campus, healthcare professionals capturing patient information on mobile devices, or security personnel who need uninterrupted video surveillance on a mobile device when they are alerted to and making their way to the location of an incident. The ENH900EXT also includes wireless encryption safeguards, such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) Encryption, IEEE 802.1X with RADIUS. Wireless MAC Filtering is also included allowing network administrators to allow or deny network access to wireless clients (computers, tablet PCs, NAS, smartphones, etc.) according to their MAC addresses. The ENH900EXT is easy to install in virtually any location as well with its included PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector for quick outdoor installation. With EnGenius’ EZ Controller™ Management Software, units that have already been deployed on rooftops or other difficult to access locations and other EnGenius APs or Client Bridges in the network can be reconfigured to a different operational mode or upgraded remotely without having to manually reconnect to them or re-install them onsite.


When the ENH900EXT is powered with the included 48V/0.8A PoE injector (EPE-48GR) the second Gigabit Ethernet Port (LAN 2) on the Access Point can be used to connect and power an IP Surveillance Camera through a standard Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need to run a separate power cable and plug in a dedicated power adapter just for the IP Camera which can be problematic for installations on light poles or under eaves of roofs.


The ENH900EXT’s internal electronics have been mounted in an IP68-rated enclosure, one of the highest waterproof and dustproof ratings available, designed to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions including severe and prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rainfall, hail and humidity. The housing of the Access Point also has been manufactured to repel ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. These protective measures make the ENH900EXT an ideal outdoor wireless solution for virtually any locale or any venue including ski and beach resorts, sports arenas, college and corporate campuses, and businesses located in snowy, rainy, and arid climates.


Bullet Points/Differentiators:

  • Up to 29 dBm transmit power, enabling long range connectivity
  • Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g/n wireless standards with up to 450 Mbps data rate on each band
  • Three detachable 5 dBi 2.4 GHz Omni-directional antennas
  • Three detachable 7 dBi 5 GHz Omni-directional antennas
  • IP68-Rated waterproof housing for withstanding UV radiation and severe exposure to the elements
  • Can be monitored after deployment with EnGenius EZ Controller software for Windows (Free online download)
  • Can be used with included power injector and power adapter or via PoE with PoE 802.3at/af capable Switches
  • Dual-Band / Three Stream
  • Supports Mesh in the 2.4 GHz band
  • Band Steering feature detects 5 GHz capable clients and shifts them to the 5 GHz to relieve network congestion and maintain optimal data traffic
  • Secured Guest Network option available


Key Features/Benefits

  • High Power and Long-Range Coverage
    • Up to 29 dBm transmit power in both radios, enabling long range connectivity.
    • IP68-Rated Waterproof Housing
      • Designed to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions via its water and dust proof IP68-Rated housing.
      • Repels UV radiation.
  • Supports Mesh
    • Supports Mesh networking in the 2.4 GHz frequency band to provide redundant and robust connectivity for wireless deployments when running Ethernet cable is not practical.
  • High Gain Antennas
    • Three detachable 5 dBi high gain Omni-directional antennas for 2.4 GHz and three detachable 7 dBi high gain Omni-directional antennas for 5 GHz
  • Dual-Band N900 Wireless Speeds
    • Dual-Band for expanded user capacity, up to 450 Mbps on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands for faster connectivity.
  • Supports Separate Mode Configuration per Frequency Band
    • Choose one of three (3) modes available to the ENH900EXT depending on your need: Access Point, Mesh, or WDS (AP, Station & Bridge).
  • Simplified AP Monitoring and Management
    • EZ Controllerwireless Access Point software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (free online download) for easier monitoring and maintenance after deployment on rooftops and other hard to reach places.
  • SSID-to-VLAN Tagging
    • Can be configured to broadcast up to eight (8) SSIDs per frequency band. Each SSID can be tagged to a specified company network VLAN for different user access based on established access rights.

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