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Minuteman RPM Power Managers

Minuteman RPM® Series Remote Power Managers

Remote reboot/remote switch up to 128 devices remotely from anywhere in the world with Minuteman RPMs.

The RPM is an ip-addressable PDU that allows administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for wasteful service calls to reboot locked devices.

Each RPM also has the capability to perform regularly scheduled shutdowns and startups, offering additional cost savings via reduced energy consumption.


Minuteman RPM Product Lines

Control 1-2 Devices NEW! Control 8-16 Devices Control 8-128 Devices

Learn More About Minuteman's RPMs

Power Learning Video Series #2:
Remote Power Management

The second installment of Minuteman's Power Learning Video Series looks at the benefits of remote power management products, including the RPM Series from Minuteman.

By utilizing an RPM, system administrators can save time and expense while eliminating downtime by using an economical power management module to control from any internet-enabled device.

White Paper: Saving Time & Money with Remote Power Management

On average, a service call to reboot a locked up device at a remote location costs $350 per hour.

Learn how implementing a remote power management system can save your organization time and money, while also increasing productivity within technical departments and beyond by reducing or even eliminating downtime.

Download the paper now to start planning your remote power management strategy!

How do Minuteman RPMs work?

Each Minuteman RPM Series product connects to the network via a CAT5 connection. Connected devices can be monitored, controlled, and managed via a secure web interface, allowing administrators to resolve issues from anywhere in the world.

Sample installation of RPM1521

To learn more, visit the manfuacturer product pages for each of our 3 series of RPMs above.