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EnTerra 3-phase 10-160kVA

EnTerra Series 3-Phase On-line Uninterruptible Power Supplies 

from Minuteman Power Technologies

Minuteman's EnTerra 3-phase UPS solutions are ideal for large, critical applications ranging from 10-40kVA.
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Application: Size:
Data Centers
Industrial Equipment
Facility-wide Backup

3-phase UPS Systems Overview

Minuteman EnTerra 3-phase UPS systems offer benefits for large installations.

Minuteman Power Technologies offers a full lineup of versatile 3-phase UPS solutions. These options can provide facilities looking to backup large electrical loads with a host of benefits vs. utilizing large and/or multiple single phase UPS systems.

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EnTerra 3-phase benefits: Efficiency, Redundancy, and More

According to the Department of Energy, data centers in the U.S. consume more than 61 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy each year, a number that’s growing about 12 percent annually as the demand for data storage continues to surge. 3-phase UPS systems help customers reduce their energy consumption and costs.

What is 3-phase?

What are the differences between single and 3-phase?

Our primer on 3-phase power will show you the differences between the three major types of power, and help you determine whether a single or 3-phase solution is the right choice for your application.

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EnTerra 10-40kVA 3-phase UPS Systems

Minuteman Power Technologies is excited to extend our 3-phase solutions with the new EnTerra Series of double conversion on-line UPSs. Building on our experience with allegiance-based 3-phase products, the Enterra Series, ranging from 10kVA – 40kVA, offers users flexibility, reliability, and stability at a value expected from the Minuteman name.

Learn more about the EnTerra Series of products using the features, models, and specifications tabs above.

3-phase Applications

Power dependency has increased dramatically in the new business environment based on eCommerce applications, mobile networks, corporate Internet sites, medical equipment, banking systems, ePay and networked IT infrastructures.

Not only does the absence of power have catastrophic consequences, but also an unnoticed mains disturbance can affect your expensive equipment or critical processes.

Efficiency is also a high priority for business owners, administrators, and technicians. 3-phase UPS systems unlock new levels of efficiency vs. single phase in many cases.

Applications for 3-phase UPS systems

  • Data centers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Enterprise-wide backup
  • Critical systems requiring redundant backup

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