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XL & EXL Battery Packs

Minuteman XL and EXL External Battery Packs

Add hours of runtime to Endeavor and EnterprisePlus LCD Uninterruptible Power Supplies


Minuteman XL and EXL external battery packs provide substantial amounts of additional runtime for EnterprisePlus LCD and Endeavor UPSs.

Endeavor 1-3kVA EnterprisePlus LCD

XL and EXL Battery Packs

Extended Protection For Mission-critical Applications

Downtime due to a power outage can be painful for any size business. Security systems, data centers, or telephone and communication systems must be up and running or the business is out of business. While the average power outage is about 20 minutes, the average extended power outage lasts nearly 8 hours.

Minuteman's first models with extended runtime capability debuted more than 25 years ago. Since then, our extended runtime products have established a reputation for ease of installation, exceptional value, and unmatched reliability.

Hours of Protection - Affordably and Efficiently

Minuteman's XL and EXL battery packs for Endeavor and EnterprisePlus LCD Series UPSs provide a virtually unlimited amount of runtime potential thanks to daisy-chain capability. This allows administrators to easily configure an affordable UPS solution for their runtime demands, no matter how great they may be.

Two sizes of battery packs are available, providing an unmatched level of customization and ensuring the perfect configuration can be achieved, no matter the demands.

XL and EXL: Runtime Versus Cost

Dollars vs. Minutes: Are there cost benefits to including battery packs vs. buying larger UPSs? See for yourself in this Minuteman TechNotes paper.

Endeavor™ Series: Added Runtime vs. Added Cost
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