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Standard XL Battery Packs

XL EnterprisePlus LCD and Endeavor External Battery Packs

Endeavor and EnterprisePlus LCD XL Battery Packs represent the smaller capacity of the two extended runtime options. These units feature daisy-chain capability, along with an internal charger which allows for faster recharge times after an outage occurs.

Packaged in a compact 2U-rack height case, the XL battery pack provides a substantial boost to system runtime without compromising performance after an outage occurs.

EnterprisePlus LCD w/ XL Battery Pack

XL Battery Pack features:

  • Extended runtime for Endeavor and EnterprisePlus LCD with daisy-chain capability
    Connect multiple battery packs to a single UPS for added runtime when needed
  • Unlimited number of connected battery packs
    Extend runtime to virtually unlimited levels for critical applications requiring longer backup times
  • Quick recharge using internal independent battery charger
    Each XL module includes an independent charger, reducing recharge time significantly without the need for a separate charger
  • 2U-rack height
    Compact case provides high power density ideal for saving rack space
  • Rackmount or tower configuration
    All XL units include rack and tower mount hardware; wall-mount hardware available separately
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty
    5-year extended warranty plans also available

Endeavor 1-3kVA
XL Battery Pack Compatibility

  • EDBP24XL
    ED1000RM2U, ED1000RMT2U
  • EDBP48XL
    ED1500RM2U, ED1500RMT2U, ED2000RM2U, ED2000RMT2U
  • BP72RTXL
    ED3000RM2U, ED3000RMT2U

EnterprisePlus LCD
XL Battery Pack Compatibility

  • BP36RTXL
    E750RTXL2U, E1000RTXL2U, E1500RTXL2U, E1500RTXLT2U
  • BP72RTXL
    E2000RTXL2U, E3000RTXL2U, E3000RTXLT2U

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XL and EXL Sample Configurations

Gain significant runtime for critical applications by adding one or more XL battery packs to your base UPS. See the chart below for example runtimes, and configure your system with our interactive sizing tool,

UPSLoadUPS Base Runtime+1 XL Battery Pack+2 XL Battery Packs+1 EXL Battery Pack+2 EXL Battery Packs
ED3000RM2U 2500W 8.4 21.5 32.4 59.9 96.9
ED2000RM2U 1500W 10.4 37.5 62.6 85.9 152.4
E1000RTXL2U 1000W 8.0 35.2 91.0 123.8 196.1
E750RTXL2U 500W 18.2 73.5 135.4 244.6 363.3

Build Your Extended Runtime System

Minuteman UPS takes the guesswork out of UPS sizing with a straightforward selection tool, making use of a vast database of commonly used equipment along with a simple to use interface to provide you with the proper uninterruptible power supply solution for your needs.

Build your system by first choosing your base system, handsets, and other accessories from our extensive database of manufacturers. Then simply select voltage, runtime, and growth to receive a list of tailored UPS solutions that will fit your needs.

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