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Buying Guides

IP Phone Buying Guide
Shopping for an IP phone can be a daunting task. There are many manufacturers to choose from, each manufacturer has several phones with different and sometimes confusing options. This article is geared towards “Open Communication” VoIP phone systems that typically use SIP as the communication protocol such as Asterisk based phone systems like trixbox, SwithVOX, Elastix etc. But it should be useful for closed or proprietary systems like systems from Cisco or Avaya and Nortel.

Headset Buying Guide
Learn the difference between voice tube, noise canceling microphones. Why use a dual ear over a single ear headset? What cable do I need to buy for my phone? 

Power Over Ethernet Buying Guide
Power over Ethernet is a powerful group of technologies that simplifies the installation of IP Phone Systems, while increasing flexibility and reliability. Learn about the components of a PoE systems, the benefits the technology provides and get recommendations on PoE products.