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Xorcom XP0020 IP Phone Expansion Console Module (XP0020) New

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Xorcom XP0020
160x320 LCD
20 Physical Keys
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Condition: New

Xorcom XP0020 Expansion Module
-160x320 LCD
-20 physical keys (40 programmable)
The Xorcom XP0020 is an expansion console module (supported by the XP0120) that is ideal for executives, receptionists, administrative assistants, call center agents and other power users who need to monitor and/or manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis. 

The Xorcom XP0020 Expansion Module is designed to extend the power and flexibility of the Xorcom XP0120/P advanced IP phones. 

It features a 160x320 graphic liquid crystal display (LCD) which eliminates the need for paper-based labels. 20 physical keys, each with its own dual-color light emitting diode (LED), provide outstanding flexibility of functions and ease of operation. 20 more keys can be added using the page switch function for a total of 40 programmable keys. Each programmable key supports functions such as speed dialing, BLF/BLA, intercom, call forward/transfer/hold/park/pickup/ return, etc.

Xorcom XP0020 IP Phone Expansion Console Module Features
  • Compatible with Xorcom XP0120/P
  • Rich visual experience with 160x320 graphic LCD for soft key labeling
  • 20 physical keys, each with a dedicated dual-color LED
  • 20 additional keys through page switch
  • Daisy-chain 6 modules to support up to 120 keys
  • Supports BLF/BLA, speed dialing, call pickup, etc.
  • Powered by the host phone

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